Beanstalk Business Card

The Beanstalk Story

Beanstalk Bakery is a passion project recreating childhood favourites with organic ingredients and no artificial flavours or preservatives. You wouldn't trade these treats for any amount of magic beans!

The bakery was established after its founder, Tracy, returned to Australia after running an aid project in Cambodia working with local farmers to help increase sustainability and protect against small scale natural disasters. The experience of promoting sustainable agricultural practices in a developing country to lessen the impact on the environment and protect livelihoods in rural communities strengthened Tracy's commitment to support local producers, promote organic products, and provide consumers with fun food options with a low ecological impact.

Beanstalk Bakery produces a range of specialty baked goods using traditional recipes and quality, organic ingredients. The range includes cupcakes, biscuits, truffles, and muffins, and includes gluten-free products. All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and are created with fresh, natural ingredients.

At Beanstalk Bakery we love that moment after people have taken a bite and you tell them that they're eating dairy free, egg free, vegan cake! The jaffa cake (organic cocoa and orange) is a marvel - friends and family won't believe they're eating gluten free. Our gluten-free range includes chickpea, rice, tapioca and potato flours - let us bake a treat that suits your needs.

We've resolved the dilemma of how to organise birthday cakes for vegan or gluten-free friends - just contact us to discuss your special event or to advise of dietary requirements. Let them eat cake!